Operational efficiency

Managing client money across tens, hundreds and even thousands of bank accounts can be a time consuming process. To do this efficiently, and help ensure compliance with your regulatory body, you need software that streamlines as many processes as possible.

Our CMS internet solution assists you by providing:

Electronic opening of all client accounts which allows you to take client deposits immediately and reduces client delays by eliminating faxes and phone calls. What is more, CMS is multi-currency.

Electronic closing of all client accounts - simply capitalise the accrued interest on the account using our 'repay & close' functionality and pay away the outstanding balance. The account will be closed automatically, but can be re-opened at a future date. CMS reporting can provide you with a list of all closed accounts. It's also possible to capitalise the accrued interest and pay that and the balance away but keep the account open at nil.

Automatic production of client statements and Certificate of Interest

  • Statements are produced at a frequency of your choosing or on earlier closure.
  • Certificates of Interest are produced at the end of the Tax Year or earlier closure.